Deke has recorded plenty of music during his career. This list will only cover material released under his own name.

Where indicated, a brief section of the track is available in mp3 format.

From the Effigy Music DVD, a few mp3 clips:

  • Razorblade and Rattlesnake    mp3
  • Map of India    mp3
  • Ride and the View    mp3
  • 7171-551    mp3

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Freedom and Chains (2005)

  • The Thrill of Revolution
  • I Don't Love You Anymore
  • Cuba
  • Guantanamo Bay    mp3
  • Blues    mp3
  • Tahitian Thunder
  • Palestine
  • Just Another Woman
  • Queen of my Heart
  • Something in my Heart says No
  • Tomorrow's Gonna Come
  • Empty Places    mp3
  • The Same Mistake
  • Is This What Love Is?
  • Trapped (in the Jaws of Love)
  • Blues 2
Freedom and Chains

The CD is now available on the Angel Air label, SJPCD197.

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Wireless (2005)

  • A Hard Way To Live    mp3
  • Razorblade & Rattlesnake
  • Jayhawk Special
  • Four Corners Of Hell
  • 7171551
  • In Search Of Sarah And 26 Horses
  • Daughter Of The Fireplace
  • Map Of India
  • Oh    mp3
  • Big Hunk Of Love
  • Dirty Dirty Feeling

The CD is now available on the Hux label, HUX064. It's a compilation of three radio sessions recorded by Deke Leonard's Iceberg between 1972 & í74. The first two sessions (tracks 1-7) were recorded in Europe. The third session (tracks 8-11) was recorded for John Peelís Radio 1 show.

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Before Your Very Eyes (1981)

  • Someone is Calling
  • Fools Like Me
  • Marlene
  • Oh
  • When Am I Coming Back    mp3
  • Get Off The Line
  • Hiding In The Darkness
  • Big Hunk of Love
  • I Feel Like a Pill
  • The World Exploded in my Face
  • What Am I Gonna do When the Money Runs Out ?
  • Bad Luck
  • Map of India*    mp3
  • Hey There! (Lady in the Black Tuxedo)*

Note : * indicates bonus track on CD, but not on the original album.

Before Your Very Eyes

Though recorded in the seventies, the release was delayed. Available on CD, BGO Records, BGO CD 14. The last two tracks were originally released on a single...

Map of India

...and this is the cover.

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Kamikaze (1974)

  • Cool Summer Rain
  • Jayhawk Special
  • Sharpened Claws
  • Taking The Easy Way Out
  • The Black Gates Of Death
  • Stacia
  • Broken Glass And Lime Juice    mp3
  • April The Third
  • Louisiana Hoedown
  • In Search Of Sarah And 26 Horses
  • The Devil's Gloves    mp3
  • She's A Cow *

Note : * indicates bonus track on CD, but not on the original album.

Iceberg (1973)

  • Razor Blade and Rattlesnake    mp3
  • I Just Can't Win
  • Lisa
  • Nothing is Happening
  • Looking For A Man
  • A Hard Way To Live
  • Broken Ovation
  • Jesse    mp3
  • Ten Thousand Takers
  • The Ghost of Musket Flat
  • Crosby (Second Class citizen Blues)
  • 7171 551
  • Diamond Road *
  • Turning in Circles *
  • The Aching Is So Sweet *

Note : * indicates bonus track on CD, but not on the original album.

Iceberg and Kamikaze

Iceberg and Kamikaze have been released on a two CD edition by BGO Records, BGOCD288.

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Unfinished Business

  • Afterburner Boogie
  • I Didn't Ask to be Here
  • When Was the Last Time
  • Someone is Calling
  • Hot Nights and High Spirits
  • Love Changes    mp3
  • Bad Luck
  • Let it go
  • Do You Believe Me
  • This is Another Song    mp3
  • Can't Keep a Bad Woman Down
  • Needle in a Haystack
  • Map of India
  • Joyful Soul
  • Oh
  • Sweet Sweet Love
  • When am I Coming Back
  • Goodbye
  • Love
  • Secrets
  • It's Still Hurting
Unfinished Business

A remarkable collection of out-takes, half-finished tracks, demos and unreleased gems from Deke's musical repertoire, this came out on CD in March 2002, after intially being a cassette only release from the Welsh Connection fanzine. Available on Northdown Records, RGF DL501.

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